Blincon Classic

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Brand: Blincon
Product Code: clens-blincon-classic
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Diameter: 14.2mm; 14.5mm (black)
Disposable: 3 months

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*Blincon Color:
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Reveal your colourful style

Get gorgeous and feel fabulous with BLINCON Classic, Elegance or Jazzy cosmetic contact lenses. They come in a wide range of timeless, exquisite colour choices that give you the confidence to stand out from the crowd. Get noticed, and make a classy impression with BLINCON Classic, Elegance and Jazzy lenses!

**Spherical Power up to -10.00D is available for 5 colours only;

- Classic; Cyclone Black & Secret Black

- Jazzy; Sexy Grey & Summer Brown

- Elegance; Crystal Grey & Topaz Brown

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