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Future so bright you need to wear sunnies? Well, forget spending hours looking for a pair of fly sunnies to get shaded and to match your wardrobe aesthetics with, we gathered up only these cool frames to answer your prayers.

Round Shaped – The Smarty Pants

First let’s take a moment to appreciate how cute this guy actually is with his fuzzy hair – drool. Now, coming back to the sunglasses, if you’re gravitating towards a nerdy look cos’ you watched way too much of Harry Potter in the last few weeks, then this round clear framed with black lenses has smart yet totally cool written all over it.


Cat-Eyed – The Fashionista

Ladies, we all know we have to keep up with the oh-so-hot weather on this side of the world, so why not rock the classic cat-eyes while we’re at it yes? And no, we don’t mean winging it with your eyeliner on fleek, we meant this purrfectly (pun very much intended!) shaped frames that Kendall matches her ensemble with.


Bold Browlines – Mr. Sleek

Taking us back to the 50’s and 60’s is this classic wonder but still acing it in the dapper department. Men, take note if you want to look smashing on the way to your lunch date, you know what you got to get your hands and eyes – on this dark browlines.


Wired Aviators – The Cool Girl

If you’re heading the back to basic route, opt for a simple yet chic wired framed sunglass to match your everyday get-ups with or else, get wired with mirrored lenses so you can see the world in a different view. JK, it only means you are on fashion and a follower of the reflective sunglasses trend, which is not bad at all.


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