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Cool Eyed


While most of us can relate to being called ‘Four eyed person’ with our glasses on, some of us do enjoy waking up extra early to have enough time to put on our contact lens. Well yeah, you do get lesser sleep but clearer version without having to see through a pair of glasses and ever ready Snapchat photo’s pays it all off. But that isn’t all we appreciate about the little pieces of plastic, these facts make the contact lens routine, A-okay!

  • Contact lenses can never be lost behind your eyes
    We all have those days when we start scratching our eyes without realising that we had our contacts on that day, but don’t be alarmed cos’ the conjunctiva, a thin membrane which covers the front of the eyes connecting to the insides of your eyelids makes it impossible to get clogged up.
  • Contact lenses are safe
    If you have your pretty sighted friends (pun very much intended!) telling you contact lenses can be risky, it is true, only if you decide to careless for your lenses. Hence, frequently replacing your contact lenses every month and not wearing them for long house plays a big role.
  • Contact lenses cannot be cleansed by water
    If it’s not your contact lens solution, then it’s not a solution. While you may think tap water or bottle water could be an option when you’re running low on contact lens solution, it isn’t as it may be the cause of eye infections. So you might want to rethink your decision of showering or swimming with your contacts on today.
  • Contact lenses are easy peasy to apply
    We do agree that no one ever likes anything touching our eyes, but it isn’t hard to apply contact lens to your eyes. Using your most dominant finger pull down your lower lids and thumb to pull up the upper lids, while holding the lens with your index finger then gently pat it on your iris.




Brown coloured contact lens
Coloured Contact Lens

What your coloured contact lenses say about you

If you have ever worn coloured contact lenses, have you ever wondered why you look and feel so different? No its not just the contact lens sitting on your eyes. There is something else to it. If you see the same person having hazel eyes and then wearing a coloured contact lens of a different colour, your perception of that person changes. How much does it change? Well according to scientists at Orebro University in Sweden, a lot!

Here are the major eye colours in the world and how they affect the way we perceive them.


Different Types of Coloured Contact Lenses



Dark brown/Black Colour

Coloured Contact lens - Black

 Coloured contact lenses that are black show leadership, agreeableness and trustworthiness. There are no true black eye colours and  are considered extremely rare. Wearing a black coloured contact lens would show a sense of mystery and wonder. This is why those with eyes that are so dark brown that it seems black, seems to gain a lot of attention from others and are seen as a leader

Best Situations to wear  black coloured contact lenses would be for political speeches, negotiations, diplomatic meetings, business deals, funerals and even dates (if you want to assert dominance).


Brown Colour

Coloured Contact Lens: Brown


 Coloured contact lenses that are brown show assertiveness and confidence. Though it is the most common eye colour in the world, it is by no means a colour without a personality. According to one university, people with brown eyes are generally seemed respectful, gentle and loyal and such, choosing brown contact lens can portray you as a respectful gentle professional.

Best situations to use brown coloured contact lenses would be for meetings, professional settings, workshops


Blue and Gray Colour

Coloured Contact Lens - Blue

Blue coloured contact lenses are widely viewed as calm, beautiful and deep. However, you will need to be vary as according to Medical Daily, depending on the situation it can also be seen as “competitive” or “egoistical”. Blue eyed people are also perceived as weak, timid or untrustworthy and hence blue coloured contact lens are more suitable for appearing passive and attractive.

Best Situations to use blue coloured contact lenses would be when going on a date if you are a girl and when going on family trips and friendship gatherings where having a timid outlook may make others treat you in a nicer way


Green and Hazel Colour

Coloured Contact lens- Green


Coloured contact lenses that are green gives the person a mysterious, alluring and sexy look. According to one study , they are perceived as self sufficient and independent. They are considered unpredictable to a fault but also slow to anger.

Best Situations to wear Green coloured contact lenses will  be when going to parties, events, classes, social gatherings and dates


Choosing the right coloured contact lens
Coloured Contact Lens

How to Choose the Right Coloured Contact Lens for you


If you are like me, then you have perhaps crossed by an eye care shop and took a glance at the beautiful coloured contact lens that were showcased and thought of trying it more than a couple of times. But then if you are still like me, you probably rid yourself of that thought because you had no idea what colour you would even choose.

So here are few tips that will help you choose a coloured contact lens that suits your hair and skin colour.


Choosing based on Skin Colour


Fair/Pale Skin

Coloured Contact Lens for fair skins


If you have a fair skin tone the coloured contact lens that you choose should be a colour that has a cold tone, just like your skin. Shades of Blue and Gray are recommended. That said, any bright colours or contact lenses that have a shine will also  suit your skin tone.

Example colours : Turquoise, Amethyst, Acqua, Stone Gray, Blue, Brilliant Blue and Sterling Gray

Suggested Coloured Contact Lens: Air Optix (Brilliant Blue)



Tanned/Olive Skin

Coloured Contact Lens for Tanned Skin


If you have a skin tone that is neither too fair nor too dark, than you are an olive. For olives the best type of coloured contact lens are those that glow and have brighter shades. That said, brighter shades of blues and grays are not recommended. Greens and Olives go well with your skin tone and most importantly, the colour of your contact lens should be a a bit different shade than your make up.

Example Colours : Honey, Green , Gemstone Green, Peridot Green, Pure Hazel  and Hazel

Suggest Coloured Contact Lens : Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Jewel ( Peridot Green)



Dark Skin

Coloured contact lens for dark skin

If you have a dark or dusky complexion you are open to different types of colours based on what your desired effect is. As a rule of thumb, warm colours work best with your skin tone. If you want something that is sexy, go for a dark amethyst or any colour with the same hues. If you want to make yourself look seductive than go for a smoky colour. If you want a head turner, go for autumn coloured contact lens. But in general stay away from bright and cool colours.

Example Colours: Amethyst, Smokey Gray, Honey, Autumn, Amber Brown and Black

Suggested Coloured Contact Lens: Blincon CC Plusierus (Romance ChaCha)



Choosing based on Hair Colour


Black Hair

Coloured Contact lens for black hair

If you have black hair then your coloured contact choices are mostly cool colours such as grey blue and violet.

Example Colours: Violet, Ice Blue, Amethyst, Sterling Grey and Brilliant Blue

Suggested Coloured Contact Lens: Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Jewl (Amethyst Violet)


Blonde/Brown Hair

Coloured contact lens for blonde hair


If you have brown or blonde hair then your coloured contact choices are mostly warm colours.

Example Colours: Honey, Brown, Green, and Hazel.

Suggested Coloured Contact Lens: Air Optix (Pure Hazel)