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August 2016

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The In Between – How to Measure Pupillary Distance


Finding the perfect pair of glasses on the interweb may come easy to us these days, but we all know the struggle is real when you’re in need of your pupillary distance before you hit the pay button. Well, worry no more cos’ we have the step-to-step on how to measure it for you AND it’s easy as one, two and three.


If you’re wondering what exactly does pupillary distance (PD) mean, here’s your answer. PD is the distance in between the centres of your pupils.

While most of us may take it the easy route and skip anything and everything PD related when you starred the prescriptive glasses tab on your browser, what you didn’t know is that the distance of your PD is needed for the proper lens shape and the alignment of your prescription. Besides it being worth your bucks, who wants to run to the optical stores to get it fixed after receiving the cute pairs in your mailbox yes?

If you already have your prescription it would most likely look like the graphics below and you might want to skip this entire section and just hit pay. But if you don’t, do continue scrolling to know how to measure it on your own at the comfort of your home.

 An example of a prescription.

To measure your PD, you would need a ruler and a mirror.

Step 1
Stand 20 cm away from the mirror with your face parallel to the mirror.

Step 2

Hold the ruler against your eyebrows or below your eyes. You might want to freeze in this step to get the perfect measurements, we’re not kidding.

Step 3
With a straight hand and no blinks, close your left eye aligning the ruler’s zero to the centre of your right eye.

Step 4 

Hold your breath, close your right eye and open your left eye to read the millimeter measurement or lines and that is your PD measurement. We told you it was easy.

To make sure the measurement is accurate, repeat the steps at least 3 – 5 times.

If you still find it difficult to identify your PD, you can also get help from a friend. With your friend who is of the same height standing opposite you, ask your friend to place the ruler above your eyes with the zero on the ruler on one centre of the pupil. Then measure the distance to the other centre of the pupil.

friends-distanceAnd there you go!

Coloured Contact Lens, Contact Lens Care

Cool Eyed


While most of us can relate to being called ‘Four eyed person’ with our glasses on, some of us do enjoy waking up extra early to have enough time to put on our contact lens. Well yeah, you do get lesser sleep but clearer version without having to see through a pair of glasses and ever ready Snapchat photo’s pays it all off. But that isn’t all we appreciate about the little pieces of plastic, these facts make the contact lens routine, A-okay!

  • Contact lenses can never be lost behind your eyes
    We all have those days when we start scratching our eyes without realising that we had our contacts on that day, but don’t be alarmed cos’ the conjunctiva, a thin membrane which covers the front of the eyes connecting to the insides of your eyelids makes it impossible to get clogged up.
  • Contact lenses are safe
    If you have your pretty sighted friends (pun very much intended!) telling you contact lenses can be risky, it is true, only if you decide to careless for your lenses. Hence, frequently replacing your contact lenses every month and not wearing them for long house plays a big role.
  • Contact lenses cannot be cleansed by water
    If it’s not your contact lens solution, then it’s not a solution. While you may think tap water or bottle water could be an option when you’re running low on contact lens solution, it isn’t as it may be the cause of eye infections. So you might want to rethink your decision of showering or swimming with your contacts on today.
  • Contact lenses are easy peasy to apply
    We do agree that no one ever likes anything touching our eyes, but it isn’t hard to apply contact lens to your eyes. Using your most dominant finger pull down your lower lids and thumb to pull up the upper lids, while holding the lens with your index finger then gently pat it on your iris.




Glass Frames

Frame Talk


Future so bright you need to wear sunnies? Well, forget spending hours looking for a pair of fly sunnies to get shaded and to match your wardrobe aesthetics with, we gathered up only these cool frames to answer your prayers.

Round Shaped – The Smarty Pants

First let’s take a moment to appreciate how cute this guy actually is with his fuzzy hair – drool. Now, coming back to the sunglasses, if you’re gravitating towards a nerdy look cos’ you watched way too much of Harry Potter in the last few weeks, then this round clear framed with black lenses has smart yet totally cool written all over it.


Cat-Eyed – The Fashionista

Ladies, we all know we have to keep up with the oh-so-hot weather on this side of the world, so why not rock the classic cat-eyes while we’re at it yes? And no, we don’t mean winging it with your eyeliner on fleek, we meant this purrfectly (pun very much intended!) shaped frames that Kendall matches her ensemble with.


Bold Browlines – Mr. Sleek

Taking us back to the 50’s and 60’s is this classic wonder but still acing it in the dapper department. Men, take note if you want to look smashing on the way to your lunch date, you know what you got to get your hands and eyes – on this dark browlines.


Wired Aviators – The Cool Girl

If you’re heading the back to basic route, opt for a simple yet chic wired framed sunglass to match your everyday get-ups with or else, get wired with mirrored lenses so you can see the world in a different view. JK, it only means you are on fashion and a follower of the reflective sunglasses trend, which is not bad at all.